“Michelle was my first teacher - I don’t mean an impersonal or ‘regular’ studio class teacher - she was my first real yoga teacher who introduced, led and guided a large group of us through a 30-day yoga detox at Pure Yoga Singapore, which opened my eyes up to a whole new world and left me inspired. Michelle shared her knowledge unstintingly, and every class was wonderful. Singapore lost one amazing non-instagram, non-gymnastics teacher, one with so much heart and soul, when she left. And I wouldn’t be the only one who felt this way...” Wuen Tan, Singapore

“When Michelle was teaching in HK, her yoga classes were hugely popular. We miss Michelle’s warm and joyful personality as well as the depth of her yoga knowledge and experience. She also brings with her expertise in fitness, homeopathy, health and nutrition. Michelle’s yoga classes truly integrate body, heart and soul—giving you a stronger, fitter, toned and more agile body as well as a sense of joy, wholeness and gratitude. I can’t recommend Michelle’s classes enough. She is truly a gifted yoga instructor.” Bobbi Hernandez, Hong Kong

"I met Michelle at Flex in Hong Kong when I did my first ever Detox week , she is not only an amazing yoga instructor, giving detailed explanation but also making you understand the purpose of yoga . You learn so much with her about everything from nutrition to chakras, to self healing . She is so passionate about everything she teaches . Thanks to Michelle I discovered yoga could be much more than only asanas and decided to learn more by doing a yoga teacher training.I wish her all the best in London and hope that she will be able to share her passion with new students very soon." Valerie Ascoli, Hong Kong

“Michelle was not only my yoga teacher, she was also helping my Mother get physically healthy. Since Michelle left, my mom has stopped practicing yoga, she unfortunately has not found anyone who could teach her with the same spirit, genuity and safety.  I, myself miss Michelle’s energy, I used to go to many classes of hers and always learnt something new, be it a new pose or something deeper, heartfelt.  I also attended 2 of her detox programs, it was educational and fun and my gut and health benefited tremendously.  Needless to say, I am a fan and London is lucky to have her.”  Monica Low, Singapore

“Michelle, having participated in both your detox workshops, I truly benefited tremendously mentally and physically from your teachings and sharings. Through your first detox program back about 10 years ago, I lost 15kgs in 5 months. Though I have gained back half of it now, my yoga journey has been enriched by your teachings on chakra and on wholesome food for the body.” Jean Tan, Singapore

“I met Michelle as both a homeopath and yoga teacher, at a pivotal time of my life. I was coming out of a difficult time, involving physical abuse, and chronic depression. Michelle’s blend of expertise, in nutrition, homeopathy and detox yoga, was perfect for my healing process. Her 10 day detox program, combining both theory and asana, was well designed and led. If I could take it again, I would! Clare Lim, Hong Kong

“Michelle, 10 years ago I attended your detox program through Pure Yoga, and am still enjoying the benefits from it 10 years later. Thank you.” Jessica Lau, Hong Kong

“Michelle’s teaching style is really incredible, I managed to achieve more with my physical body and relax my mind more then I have ever done in all my years of practicing yoga. Thank you.” Hannah Bearcroft, UK

Michelle your classes are just amazing. I am so thrilled to have found you in London.” Lara Lagard, UK